Tuesday, 22 April 2014


A year ago I was on student exchange (ERASMUS) in Sopot, Poland. It was unforgettable time and of course I met there great people. Alicja Płaczkiewicz is one of them. She helped me lot`s of times in the first weeks of me exchange. So now is my turn to help her and I hope that some of you also would like to be a part of  MAKING ONE WISH COMES TRUE!

Help me teach children in Vietnam

Alicja Płaczkiewicz"I would like to ask you for a big big favour. For a while now I’ve been wondering about if the thing I want to do this summer is feasible but I realised that if you really want something, nothing is impossible. 

My dream is to volunteer in Vietnam as an English teacher. I got accepted into the programme organized by a non-profit organization ETA4 (http://eta4.org/). It is dedicated to the advancement of English education for underprivileged children abroad, and provides no-­cost, rewarding, and successful English instruction to achieve that goal. What is great - they cover all the costs connected with accommodation and food, however, I have to cover the travel expenses, visa costs and vaccines. 

I will not make it there without the help of the others. That is why I would like to ask you for spreading the word about my fundraiser and a possible donation. There are approx. 1000 children waiting for me ready to be taught! 

What is important: every person who donates money will receive a personalised card from Vietnam, made by the kids I’m going to teach. 

So don’t forget to send your address at alaplaczkiewicz@gmail.com 

Blog: http://helpmeteachchildreninvietnam.blogspot.com/ - here is the donation button you can pay via PayPal (no additional costs/fees) 
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/helpmeteachchildreninvietnam - with a link to a free of additional costs international bank transfer site! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for every share, donation and even a simple like on the fanpage! I really appreciate it!"

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