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BRAZILIANS. The happiest people in the world! WHY?

HEY) My good friends started awesome project!  
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Trip around Brazil, starting from Porto Alegre to Recife, to make a photo project about Brazilians, documenting one of the happiest nations


The Purpose

We are Nika, Toma and Anna. We are from Kyiv, Ukraine and we are travelers and photographers. We are going to make a trip, gathering experience and information about Brazilians.

Our goal is to unveil the true essence of the contemporary happiness of people who live in Brazil, the beauty of Brazilian culture, the magnitude of traditions, and to expose the way, which unites Brazilians in one of the happiest nations in the world.

Our plan is to create a photobook, short documentary and exhibition representing Brazilian people of different age, origin, who live in diverse conditions, have different past, present and dreams about future. But really, our ultimate goal is to explore the way of happiness in their lives. Our route has certain destinations (big and small cities like Porto Alegre, Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife) but as usual our way is full of improvisation.

Project Phases

Phase 1: Pre-Production (current stage)

1) Describe the main idea of the project in our blog, social network and get support.

2) Fund Raise of $5000 for Realization Phase

3) Plan the expedition and reach out our hosting places that we plan to visit:

• To mark the main points of destination, book flight tickets, check out the best options for hitchhike the roads.

• To find people to stay with all over Brazil and let them know we are coming (friends, friends of the friends, couchsurfers).

Phase 2: Realization, June 2014 – August 2014

1) Visit Brazil, following our route and adding new destinations during the trip.

2) Create series of photo and video material about Brazilians. Make Interviews with people.

Phase 3: Post-Production, Fall of 2014

1) Edit and print photographs.

2) Create curriculum of exhibition.

3) Develop PhotoBook.


5) Organizing of exhibition.

Phase 4: Final stage - Exhibition & Photobook

- Exhibit photos

- Publish photobook

Background & Experience

 We've already done some social projects in Ukraine and abroad. During two years we've been volunteers in social organization AIESEC and different sport events such as EURO UEFA 2012 in Kyiv, Women football EURO UEFA 2013 in Sweden, festival of ideas French Spring 2013, and Festival of documentary films Docudays Kyiv 2013 and 2014, getting experience of multicultural surrounding, communicating with people from all over the world and became inspired to explore the new lands.

Funding Details

The money will be spent for:

• International flights

• Domestic flights and transportation in Brazil

• Food

• Photo-equipment (photopaper, film supplies)

• Publishing photobook

• Exhibition organization

• Sending rewards via post mail

Thank you for your time, and for your generosity! Every contribution is deeply appreciated, even if it’s only a few dollars : )

Other ways to contribute

We would be grateful for any other way of your collaboration and you’ll get an awesome reward from us.

• Do you know interesting and authentic places to visit, some accommodation to stay? Please suggest!

• If you want to cooperate with us or have any interesting ideas how to develop the project or other non material way to support, you are always welcome!

• If you are like our project, please go to our facebook page, like and share it!

Everyone who will chip 5$ and more will get the Bahia Band - Brazilian Wish Bracelet.

You are helping us to realize our dream and we wish your dreams also came true!)

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